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White House Press Secretary Just Said Trump Needs Vacations To Deal With Korean Nuclear Crisis [WATCH]

During a recent press conference, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made some rather curious remarks that largely went unnoticed about the President’s vacation habits.

A reporter brought up former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price’s outrageous use of taxpayer money to pay for his private charter flights around the nation, and wanted to know if there was anything that Trump had done – perhaps like spend 68 days golfing and nearly $70 million dollars on his personal vacations in his first nine months of office – that would encourage such behavior.

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In response, Sanders performed some mind-blowing mental gymnastics in order to somehow justify the monstrous excess and disgraceful laziness on the part of the President:

The president certainly hasn’t been there every weekend, and every weekend that he’s traveling no matter where he is the president is working. He’s hosted foreign leaders on several of those trips, which have led to some great accomplishments. They’ve led certainly, to putting further pressure – unprecedented pressure – on North Korea in large part because of the relationship development that’s taken place at some of those weekends that you’re attacking for.
That’s right. His vacations are for “relationship development” in order to deal with the North Korean nuclear crisis, which Trump himself is largely responsible for exacerbating with his reckless tweeting and his refusal to respect the nuclear peace treaty that President Obama forged with Iran and five other world powers.

In the long list of excuses given for slacking off, “to deal with a nuclear crisis of my own creation” has got to be the worst.

Watch it here:


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