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Trumpsters Are Attacking Malia Obama. Chelsea Clinton’s Response Is Classy.

Conservative publication the Daily Caller is obsessed with former President Barack Obama’s daughter Malia Obama.

Malia, 19, started school at Harvard this year and conservatives seem determined to attack her for being a normal college student. So far they have keyed in on Malia kissing a young man she appears to be dating at a football game, smoking what appears to be a cigarette at a tailgate and attending music festivals.

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Now, the Daily Caller has republished a video of the former first daughter blowing smoke rings in what could be a bathroom. Of course, plenty of Trump supporters and the Caller’s far-right readership had plenty to say about it in the article’s comment section. And if they weren’t attacking Malia, they went after their two favorite targets: former President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“Her foster dad barry used to smoke dope and play video games all day in the whitehouse,” one commenter wrote. “While hillary was busy selling classified information.”

“You can take girl out of the ghetto but you can’t take well you know the rest,” another said. “Apple doesn’t fall far from the well you know the rest.”

And while some attempted to continue the inappropriate attack on Twitter, they were mostly ratio-ed out by folks with common sense who highlighted the double standard of calling out Malia but supporting alleged child molester Roy Moore or admitted sexual assaulter Donald Trump.


Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton and even current first daughter Ivanka Trump also weighed in.

“Malia Obama’s private life, as a young woman, a college student, a private citizen, should not be your clickbait. Be better,” Clinton tweeted in response to the article.

“Malia Obama should be allowed the same privacy as her school aged peers,” Ivanka Trump tweeted. “She is a young adult and private citizen, and should be OFF limits.”

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  1. It is so stupid this stuff is made to look so bad.Get a life,we have trumps retarded children in the White House trying to govern-now that’s a topic we need to talk about.

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