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Trump’s Sinking Ship: Two More Resignations in Just 24 Hours

Another week, another two key White House figures gone. Seriously, if he’s that hard of a man to work for, how is anyone left in that place?

The administration of popular vote loser Donald Trump has gone through more controversial hirings, firings and resignations in a mere 11 months than most administrations do in 8 years.

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White House Deputy Chief of Staff Rick Dearborn just announced on Thursday that he is leaving the White House to go to work in the private sector. It’s not clear if Dearborn is resigning because of the Trump-Russia scandal, or because he knows Trump’s ship is sinking and doesn’t want to go down with it.

White House National Economic Council Deputy Director Jeremy Katz then announced on Friday that he’s resigning as well. Katz has had zero ties to the election scandal thus far, so we can only assume that he’s jumping ship because he know it’s going down as well.

Bill Palmer says, “Don’t be shocked if there end up being a whole lot more noteworthy resignations from Donald Trump’s White House over the holidays, while most of the public isn’t paying attention. We’ll see Trump-Russia players bailing out because they’re about to cut a plea deal or because they think they’re about to be arrested. We’ll see non-scandalized advisers bailing because they think the Trump-Russia scandal is going to take Trump down. And we’ll see still more people bail because they’re tired of working at a demented circus.”

On the one hand, I think these people are crazy for being anywhere near this presidential administration, but if they’re leaving en masse now, they must have some enough brains left to distance themselves from Trump’s failing administration.


It looks like they are all getting out before Mueller torches everyone in Trump’s White House. Smart moves.

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