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Trump Saved An Accused Chinese Rapist From Deportation Because He’s A Mar-a-Lago Member

In an astonishing show of corruption that highlights how there are two systems of justice at play for the rich and for the poor, the Independent is reporting that a Chinese man who fled to the United States to escape rape, kidnapping and bribery charges is being spared deportation.

Why? Because he’s a billionaire and he happens to be a member of Trump’s golf club at Mar-a-Lago.

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The Wall Street Journal reports that Guo Wengui, who is also wanted by Interpol, was in Trump’s sights for deportation after the Chinese government issued a letter asking Trump to hand him over to face justice.

“Where’s that letter Steve brought? We need to get this criminal out of the country” said Trump at a foreign policy meeting in June, eager to please his Chinese counterpart and develop a “great relationship.”

Upon being told that Wengui was a Mar-a-Lago member, however, Trump changed his mind.

A spokesperson for Mr Wynn told the Wall Street Journal its reporting was false, but did not offer further comment.


The paper said Mr Trump’s aides managed to talk him out of the decision and he changed his mind after being told Mr Guo is a member of his Mar-a-Lago resort.

The aides later worked to ensure the deportation would not go ahead.
Wengui’s personal assistant accused him of subjecting her to “mental cruelty and sexual violence” after he lured her to New York on a “business trip,” where he allegedly held her captive in his hotel room until she managed to escape to the Chinese embassy.

Reading this story on the same day that a ten-year-old girl with cerebral palsy was arrested for deportation at a hospital by ICE shows the hypocrisy of all the “national security” and “keeping us safe” rhetoric that the right-wing loves to spout to justify their agenda of soft ethnic cleansing and discrimination.

Wengui is accused of a litany of appalling crimes and deserves to face justice in his home country – but since he helps fill Trump’s pocket, the President couldn’t care less.

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