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Trump-Loving Racist Tries To Get DACA Classmate Deported & Ends Up Losing Everything

Sometimes, there are stories that remind us that political debates aren’t just slogans, propaganda, and headlines. Behind every political decision, there is a real, human impact. This is one of those stories.

Paola Garcia, a politically active DACA recipient who immigrated to the United States when she was just a toddler, is facing targeted harassment after she dared to speak out about her undocumented status. A classmate at Transylvania University in Kentucky, Taylor Ragg, used her personal information to post a status on social media saying, “Everyone go report this illegal at my school bragging about breaking the law.”

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When reached out to for comment by the Lexington Herald Leader, Ragg told the paper they were “fake news” and did not elaborate on his behavior.

Garcia, along with hundreds of thousands of other young people who grew up in the United States, were born in another country but brought to the United States as children without documents. In most cases, the United States is the only country they know. DACA, the program recently set to be ended by President Trump, allowed those individuals to obtain renewable work permits and deferred deportation.

Since the post was made, Paola Garcia has faced continued harassment from online trolls and others. Despite “not tolerating any type of harassment,” the campus told Garcia that “his actions did not violate school policies” because he “only made a recommendation about how to respond to her undocumented status.”

Here’s more on the story, via CBS News:


You can also watch her original plea for help below:

Make no mistake: this is Trump’s America. Trump supporters like Taylor Ragg, long on entitlement and short on empathy, feel especially empowered to spread hate and division under his regime. That’s because Trump’s war on immigrants is based on white supremacy, not reality. How does it “Make America Great Again” to hold a generation of young immigrants hostage in a misguided attempt to build a wall? If Trump truly cared about making America great, he would not have ended DACA. He would have pushed for a legislative solution including an easy path to citizenship for Dreamers, who have spent their lives in this nation.

Instead, he used them as a petty prop, imposing a six month deadline in an effort to force the Democrats into funding his wall. Luckily, it failed.

According to the university, and posted to Facebook by Paola Garcia, Taylor Ragg is no longer a student. Reasons why remain unclear at this time:


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  1. So because he is no longer a student at this university, you run a headline that he lost everything? How misleading. I want to hear that his friends dropped him and his parents are shamed and he got fired from his part time job. Not that his entitled butt is no longer on campus.

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