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Trump Leaves The Nation Shocked By His Behavior During Trip To Las Vegas To Visit Shooting Victims

President Trump traveled to Las Vegas today to pay his “respects” to the victims of the absolutely terrible shooting that occurred at the start of this week and has gripped the nation. After his horrible behavior yesterday during his visit to the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, America cringed at what Trump might do today in Vegas.

Indeed, Trump’s behavior today has left people in shock. People are shocked because President Trump actually made it through his entire visit to Las Vegas without really screwing it up. He managed to avoid embarrassing the Presidency, such as yesterday, when he threw paper towels at Puerto Rican hurricane victims.

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The bar has been set so low for Trump, that it is both a relief and an accomplishment, if he can make it through major events without starting controversy or turning it into a circus. Trump met with victims of the Vegas strip shooting at Las Vegas Hospital, where he offered some remarks to reporters. He complained a bit about fake news, but only after being asked about it.

He then gave a short speech and stayed on script, avoiding any of his usual off the cuff remarks that get him into trouble. You can tell that he’s uncomfortable sticking to reading off a page, but for the good of this nation, it was for the best. There was nothing particularly impressive about the speech, as the best part was that Trump did not go off script.


It seems that even Trump is not crazy enough to mess around with an incident like this. He normally likes to make jokes, that frequently get him in trouble, but fortunately he avoided that. It’s quite telling what the current state of affairs is of the Presidency, when Trump making it through a major event without any controversy is notably a big deal. Overall, the fact that we made it through today without any disrespect of the people who went through this tragedy, is something that we might as well celebrate.

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