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Trump Just Gave America A Fake Doctor’s Note, Has Glaring Mistake (VIDEO)

Observations about Donald Trump’s mental health aside, anyone who looks at the president can tell that Trump is not in good physical health – and it’s even more evident if you know a little bit about Trump’s daily habits.

Trump’s lack of a healthy routine has been widely documented, from his horrendous eating habits (he lives on fast food and Diet Coke alone), extreme inactivity (unless golfing and tweeting counts as exercise), and lack of sleep (he regularly sleeps less than 5 hours per night). Not to mention Trump’s daily consumption of hours upon hours of cable television. Trump is severely overweight, and has even lied about his height on his driver’s license to make himself seem less obese.

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When the White House announced that Trump would be undergoing a long-awaited physical exam this month, America was sure that something would be uncovered due to the president’s habits and outward signs of having very poor health. Everyone was shocked when the White House reported yesterday that the exam had gone “exceptionally well” and that Trump was “in excellent health.”

As Maddow pointed out, the note wasn’t even written by the White House’s physician, Ronny Jackson. The signature on the doctor’s note states “Dr. Ronnie Jackson” – and it’s highly unlikely that the doctor just suddenly forgot how his name was spelled. It’s much more likely that the Trump administration tried to fake this letter to make Trump appear healthy (which he clearly isn’t.)

Whoever did this definitely didn’t do their research. When most doctors sign their name, they use their full name with their degrees, instead of using their “Dr.” title. A normal physician’s signature would look like this: “Ronny Jackson, MD, FAAEM“), instead of the informal signing on Trump’s doctor’s note.


Once again, the Trump administration is exposed for doing something shady. We all knew this was a lie – and this confirms it.

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