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Trump Just Endorsed A Boycott Of The NFL

Literally minutes after sending out a tweet declaring that he was happy to see the “solidarity” of every NFL player and coaching staff in the league linking arms during the national anthem played at the beginning of every NFL game today, the President of the United States passive-aggressively called for a boycott of the NFL.

Of course, he doesn’t have the courage to actually call for it himself, so he scrolled through his mentions and retweeted a bot.

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It just goes to show that no matter how loud our President yells at his rallies, no matter how much of a tough-guy he pretends to be, he’s really nothing but a narcissistic coward who is obsessed with himself and with responding to perceived slights to himself.

His entire presidency has been devoted to stroking his hypersensitive ego and attacking those who defy his authority, whether they be NFL players or the 9th Circuit Court, with absolutely no regard to the consequences or to the well-being of this nation.

This latest tweet is just the latest in a seemingly interminable string of increasingly pathetic tantrums, a digital scream of impotent rage and the vitriol of the petulant. Not a day passes without Donald Trump disgracing himself and this nation.

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