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Trump Just Attacked CNN Reporter In Front Of Room Full Of People, Breaking The Law In The Process

Donald Trump has spent his entire first year as president embarrassing our nation. If he’s not feuding with other countries, he’s spewing out hatred and bashing creditable journalists. Not only is he discrediting the press, but the man-child has become so outraged that he is now physically removing members of the press pool from their briefings.

On Tuesday, CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta attempted to ask Trump about his comments on immigration. The conman was so triggered by that question, that he actually ordered Acosta to be expelled from the Oval Office.

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Here’s Acosta’s statement via Twitter:

Acosta added that the exchange reminded him of, “something you might see in less democratic countries when people at the White House or officials of a foreign government attempt to get in the way of the press in doing their jobs.”

The real question here is: Is throwing out a reporter considered a possible criminal wrongdoing?


According to Law & Crime, it may as well be:

“Legally-speaking, when information is censored based on its content (as opposed to its general timing or general manner, for example), courts get a little touchy about it. Courts have held that government press conferences are “public fora,” open to the media. As such, restrictions must be based on criteria other than content. Jim Acosta is an accredited member of the White House press pool. His account of the events today points to his being ejected based precisely on the content of his question.”

Now, before we get “fake news” thrown out here, George Freeman, he Executive Director of Media Law Resource Center, agreed that Trump would be breaking the law:

“The White House doesn’t have to conduct press conferences and probably can invite whom it wants to presidential interviews, but where a reporter is part of an accredited press pool, and then gets excluded on the basis of the content of his question, that certainly raises First Amendment concerns.”

Trump’s encounter with Acosta could possibly be a form of “prior restraint,” the subsection of First Amendment law that deals with government prohibition of expression. More often than not, courts “will find ways to protect those values essential to our democracy, and Trump’s treatment of Jim Acosta today sure seems threatening to a free press.”

As Freeman stated:

“There is no case law on this, presumably because no prior president has stooped to these depths in treating reporters in this way. And my guess is that the White House will obfuscate the facts to shed doubt on the notion that Mr. Acosta alone was excluded and that it was due to the substance of his question.”

Trump and his team of misfits think they are above the law, but they may have abused their power here. Trump is a fascist, he is no better than the dictators that he praises. You know it’s bad when the President of the United States is the No. 1 Oppressor Of Press Freedom. Trump may claim that he abides but the Constitution, but all he has done is disgrace it. Hopefully, this accusation along with his Russian meddling scandal will throw him behind bars.

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