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Trump Goes On Early AM Rant In ALL CAPS To Defend Child Molestation Like A Creep

When Donald Trump was caught on tape over a year ago describing behavior of his own which falls under the definition of sexual assault, his camp defended it as “locker room talk.” Indeed, rather than being embarrassed or contrite when the recording was released, Donald Trump’s team actually used it as a “litmus test.” If a Republican turned their back on Trump over that, even temporarily, they were considered disloyal and would not get appointments, for example, in the White House.

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For that reason, it makes sense that Trump has stepped forward to defend alleged child molester Roy Moore. After all, banned-from-malls Roy Moore is under assault by the same people who criticized Trump: Anybody with a shred of decency. If you’re part of that group, Trump has serious problems with you. So it stands to reason that Trump would defend Moore, who is facing multiple accusations of trying to have sex with underage teenagers (with dozens of witnesses).

Even for Trump, though, his latest defense crosses the line. In a capslock-infused rant to Twitter early this morning, Trump tore into Roy Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones, in the Alabama special election. Here’s the tweet in question:




The most interesting part of his tweet is the bit where it says “WEAK on Crime.” Not because Trump seems to think that English is German, where every noun is capitalized (Crime, Border, Vets? Seriously? There should be an anti-senility captcha when you sign up for Twitter), but because child molestation is a crime, and there is very good evidence that Roy Moore is a child molester. If you support Roy Moore, YOU are weak on crime. Sexual crime. Against children.

It also showcases Trump’s ignorance of the issue. Sure, he knows Roy Moore is running against Doug Jones. He also knows about the ongoing scandal over Roy Moore’s predatory behavior. He doesn’t seem to know anything deeper, though – but he’s Trump. Nobody at this point should expect him to know anything of depth. He’s just repeating party line nonsense.



See, Doug Jones is not “weak on crime.” That’s a hard thing to say when someone has spent a long time as a prosecutor, and has sent multiple domestic terrorists to prison. Doug Jones has spent his life fighting crime, while Trump has spent his life doing business with criminals.


Of course, when Trump says “weak on crime,” he’s really saying “not racist.” It’s a dog whistle. “Weak on crime” and “weak on the border” are nativist dog whistles, not actual points that mean something.

The lengths that Donald Trump has gone to defend Roy Moore are truly disgusting. If there wasn’t enough evidence before (there was), this proves it: There is not a single decent bone in Donald Trump’s body. He’s a worthless person who actively harms our nation every time he opens his mouth or uses his grubby little stublets to hammer out an illiterate tweet. And now, he’s finally proving he’ll cross absolutely any line, and defending someone who has harmed children.

In the words of Ivanka Trump, “there’s a special place in hell for people who prey on children.” If your partisanship runs so deep that you’ll excuse child molestation, your priorities as a(n alleged) human being suck.


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