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Trump Caught Unaware He’s President Of Virgin Islands; W.H. Hilariously Scrambles

Earlier today, Donald Trump made a statement that indicated he met with the “president of the Virgin Islands.” Because he IS the president of the U.S. Virgin Islands, the comment immediately went viral, earning widespread mocking.

Now the White House has added gasoline to the fire. As pointed out by White House CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins, the transcript of the statement released by the Trump administration corrects the error for him:

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Of course, this moment highlights exactly how little Trump knows about geography. He doesn’t read and doesn’t study – he won’t even read briefing materials if they’re too long. His aides have to keep it short and colorful, as if catering to a child who has trouble concentrating. It’s up in the air whether this was misspoken, or Donald Trump really doesn’t know that he is the “president of the Virgin Islands.”

At least he’s not alone. Just recently, Rick Perry, Trump’s Secretary of Energy, called Puerto Rico a “country.”

Donald Trump’s statement and the White House correction are both being roasted on social media:


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If this topic gets enough traction in the news and on social media, you can bet that Trump will feel sensitive. He seems to have a driving urge to respond to negative criticism, almost as though he’s thin-skinned in some way. It’s like he wants to redefine political correctness, not abolish it. For Donald Trump, the new “politically correct” is “don’t hurt my feelings.”

So, if criticism over his lack of basic geography increases, and he catches wind of it, it will be interesting to see what his excuse is. Error in the transcript for the teleprompter, if he was using one? The onset of dementia? Genuine stupidity?

This is what you get when you elect an utter, complete moron to the highest office in the land – you can never even be quite sure he knows what “the land” actually is.

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