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Trump Begs To Be Allowed To Go To Switzerland, They Just Told Him To Go F*ck Himself

President Donald Trump is attending the World Economic Forum, a gathering of global elites, titans, government ministers, officials, and several celebrities and activists at the mountain resort of Davos, Switzerland. President Trump’s decision to attend the show is a bit peculiar since it is on the record that he has a bit of disdain against “globalists” – which are precisely the type of people that will be in attendance.

A top economic advisor said that people who are going to Davos are more like average citizens – and not really “globalists.” During an event sponsored by the Economic Club of Washington, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he didn’t realize it was “the global elite” that was going, with him adding that the forum was no more elitist than a group of finance ministers or a meeting at the annual Milken Institute conference.

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The World Economic Forum is indeed a meeting of elites. The cost for basic membership, including a ticket, is north of $70,000, and attendees incur massive expenses on incoming helicopters, cars, and private jets to the airport in Zürich. Those attending will include Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook, Bill Gates, the head of the International Monetary Fund, and scores of celebrities, economists, and academics.


The Swiss Aren’t Having It

According to ABC, the Swiss NGO Compax is currently circulating a petition, noting that the summit is not a diplomatic function, but it is a center point for the economic and business elite. President Trump also has a speech about the “vindication” of his “America First” agenda. It’s an agenda that has undermined world trade and our relationships with international powers, reversing decades of a global initiative on the Arab-Israel conflict, and isolating the United States as it pulls away from the Paris climate agreement.


President Donald Trump tends to do poorly when speaking abroad – let’s hope he doesn’t embarrass the American people with another tone-deaf speech.

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