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Trump Advisor Subpoenaed By Senate, Changes Mind About Testifying, Will Plead The Fifth

Former Trump Advisor Carter Page, who previously said he would be completely forthcoming in the Russia Investigation, has just decided that wasn’t such a great idea after all.

The Senate Intelligence Committee issued out subpoenas on Tuesday, forcing Trump’s former advisor to hand over requested documents and to give relevant testimony.

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Carter is expected to invoke his Fifth Amendment rights and refuse to answer certain questions, even though he has already stated he would be willing to participate in the November 1st open hearing.


What’s the reason for the sudden change of heart?




Carter says the Senate is now going “beyond the charter” of the initial inquiry and says he doesn’t want to be caught in a “perjury trap” since the government already has more detailed records about his communications.


Here Page is most likely referring to the FBI. The FBI previously obtained a warrant to monitor Page after it was suspected that he was knowingly engaging in clandestine intelligence activities that would benefit the Russians.

Earlier in the year, Page spoke with CNN’s Anderson Cooper (when he was still willing to cooperate) and the interview was a complete disaster. By almost all accounts, he was completely unprepared.

One thing that’s interesting to mention is that Page said he was “excited” back in May after receiving a letter from the Senate Intelligence Committee to preserve all documents.

“I just got a really nice letter from the Senate Intell Committee asking me to preserve everything. I’m so excited.”


He doesn’t appear to be too excited anymore.



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