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Trump Abruptly Disappears & Takes Unscheduled Saturday Vacation; Details Are Deplorable

The president has better things to do than look out for the concerns of the people he was elected to represent.

Before heading to Greensboro, North Carolina, this Saturday evening for a fundraiser at the home of a pair of prominent Republicans, the president took a trip to his golf course just outside D.C. in Virginia.

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The pace of Trump’s visits to his golf courses has slowed in recent weeks, but that doesn’t mean that the situation overall is any less grim.

As NBC’s Kyle Griffin reports on Twitter, Saturday marks the 69th day that Trump has spent at a golf course branded with his name since taking office, and it marks the 89th day that he has spent at Trump-branded properties overall.



Sixty-nine days is over two months — Trump has literally hit the golf course for two out of the almost nine months that he has been in office. It’s no wonder that he hasn’t gotten much anything done since taking office outside of stirring up trouble.

The president’s travel is costing the country big time to the point that the Secret Service ran out of funds weeks ago. It’s ironic for this to be the case considering that the most recent high profile departure from the White House, that of the now former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, was over disputes about the size of his travel bills.

As is well known by now, even though estimating the exact costs of a presidential golf trip is difficult — and trips to the president’s Virginia golf course of course cost less than the president’s numerous trips from D.C. to Florida — Trump was estimated earlier this year to be on pace to cost the government more on travel in just his first year than President Obama did in his entire eight years in office.

Trump, before winning the presidency, spent a significant amount of time criticizing President Obama for supposedly taking too much time off, insisting he wouldn’t do the same.

Evidently, that was all nonsense. Trump has paraded himself as a champion of fiscal conservatism, but as evidenced by his incessant travel, he is no such thing.

Check out Twitter’s response to the president’s latest trip to the golf course below.


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