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Sources Just Revealed The Pathetic Comments Trump Is Making About NBC Over ‘Moron’ Scandal

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was revealed to be perhaps not as clueless as he appears when it was leaked that he called Donald Trump a “f*cking moron” in private conversation. The crude comment shows that Tillerson is at least aware of his boss’s lack of capabilities, even if he is unwilling to do anything meaningful about it.

Trump was reportedly furious about the insult, and forced Tillerson to give an impromptu, milquetoast, press conference in which he claimed that Trump is “smart.” He did not, however, refute the report that he had called the president a moron. Probably because he called the president a moron. Because the president is a moron.

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Apparently, Trump is still fuming and hates the idea that anyone might perceive him as anything less than a towering intellect with a “very good brain.” The Daily Beast reports that Trump is still whining about the moron scandal, with particular vitriol aimed at NBC News, the network that broke the story.

Sources told The Daily Beast that Trump has begun to regularly state that NBC is “run by morons.” When he’s not taking to Twitter to accuse them of propagating fake news, he’s whining about them to close aides with paranoid comments about how they are “out to get him.” NBC is, of course, not out to “get” Trump. They’re simply reporting the facts and Trump just happens to be his own worst enemy, incapable of inspiring anything more than disdain from even his most prominent cabinet appointees.

Trump voters foolishly cast their ballots for a reality television game show host, so they really shouldn’t be surprised that Trump is far more concerned about his media coverage than actually governing. He’s a toxic narcissist who lacks the knowledge, reflection, or temperament it takes to run a successful White House. All of his legislative pushes have failed, and so he is retreating more and more into inane culture war battles, with Vice President Pence’s NFL publicity stunt offering just the latest example.

It seems likely that Tillerson’s days are numbered. The moron insult is slowly working its way beneath Trump’s thin orange skin, and eventually, it will be more than he can take. He can’t handle criticism, let alone insults, so there’s little chance he lets this one just slide.


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