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Ron Perlman Just Gave A Chilling Response To Trump’s Attacks on NBC

Trump’s blatant attack on the First Amendment this morning isn’t going unnoticed. The president proved once again that the Bill of Rights is nothing more than a piece of paper to him, to be ignored and degraded when politically convenient. He threatened to go after NBC’s broadcasting license in response to news coverage of his administration that he didn’t like.

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It’s an unprecedented assault on free speech launched by a man who swore to protect the Constitution and all the rights guaranteed therein. Once again, we’ve been given a disturbing peek into the mind of our leader, and it’s becoming harder and harder to deny that he aspires to be a dictator. His fetishization of foreign strongmen like Vladimir Putin shows where his heart truly lies.

Now, Golden Globe-winning actor Ron Perlman has put Trump’s tweets into chilling perspective. Perlman took to Twitter to point out historical and contemporary world leaders who shared the president’s penchant for attacking the free press.

Perlman listed Josef Stalin of the USSR, Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation, Pol Pot of Cambodia, Idi Amin of Uganda, Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany, and Benito Mussolini of fascist Italy. All of these ignominious leaders were responsible for either mass murder, war, assault on personal liberties, or all three. Trump should be ashamed to be placed in such a horrific pantheon.


Perlman has been a frequent critic of the Trump administration and there is a delicious irony to the fact given that Perlman often plays the sort of masculine, strong characters that Trump wishes he was in real life.

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