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NFL Star Eric Reid Just Responded To Pence Storming Out Of His Game Today

Earlier today, Vice President Pence staged a publicity stunt by showing up to an NFL game, waiting for the players to kneel during the national anthem, then storming off, tweeting that he wouldn’t “dignify” any event that disrespected the military. It was the latest shot in the pointless war that Trump has been waging against the NFL.

Of course, the players were exercising their First Amendment rights not in an attack on soldiers, but in protest of police brutality against people of color. It was a cravenly move on the part of Pence, and it was soon revealed that Trump personally instructed him to do it. The entire thing was a waste of taxpayer money which accomplished nothing more than inciting Trump’s bigoted base once again.

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Now Eric Reid, one of the 49ers who was at the game, has broken his silence on the whole sordid Pence affair. Reid was one of the first players to join Colin Kaepernick in kneeling during the anthem.

Reid says that he doesn’t think Pence has been to a football game in years and that the photo the VP tweeted out is an old image. Reid says it was clearly just a PR stunt.

The last part of Reid’s statement is perhaps the most insightful. Pence’s attack on protests by black athletes clearly has a vile racist underpinning. He’s abusing his power to go after an already marginalized group.

Systemic oppression is really the only term for this behavior and Pence and his cronies must be condemned every time they do something like this. White supremacist hate is on the rise with the ascendancy of Trump to the White House, but we cannot allow such bigotry to become normalized. Good on Reid for having the courage to speak out against those in power.

9 thoughts on “NFL Star Eric Reid Just Responded To Pence Storming Out Of His Game Today

  1. All this was (Pence’s leaving) was a publicity stunt and an effort to LIE about these peaceful protests. Pence, Trump and all who support their BS lies are working to IGNORE the purpose of the protest and change the issue to their political purpose. Don’t conflate patriotism with nationalism and dissent with disloyalty. The protest is NOT about the flag. It IS about racial equality.

  2. Eric Reid is an idiot for following an idiot move to begin with…what you do during the National Anthem says everything we need to know about you !!!

  3. Just another action to promote tensions between black and white. Too much “my way or the highway” behavior on his part, rather than trying to see things from others view points. He is a religious bigot who lines his pockets while pretending to be a moral superior.

  4. Who cares if you get up and leave a football game, you old pervert?Bet you $100 right now you haven’t paid to seee a game in at least 10 years. You politicians get everything handed to you like season tickets all the time. YOU are the real freeloaders in our sociey. And you whine about people on welfare. THEY PAY FOR THEIR TICKETS and then have less left over for baby food. You get free tix for everything and have plenty of money for you needs . FUCKING HYPOCRITE!

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