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So Many People Want To See Mike Pence, It’s Half Price!

Denver Post’s John Frank reporting and it’s just kind of sad:

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Because of a lack of demand, the Colorado Republican Party is offering a Groupon-like deal to see Vice President Mike Pence…

The party announced the event weeks earlier but struggled to sell the 800 tickets available. So now it’s lowering the lowest-price ticket to $150, a 45 percent discount. A couple can attend with a two-for-one deal at the original $275 price.

…Colorado Republican Party Chairman Jeff Hays tried to put his best spin on the news, writing in an email Wednesday: “Due to popular demand, we have made more tickets available at a new lower price.” But the same invite later says space is limited.

Daniel Cole, the party’s spokesman, clarified: “We are hearing from a lot of people that they very much want to see the vice president but the tickets were too expensive.”


He added: “We couldn’t fill the large room at that ticket level.” [Pols emphasis]

Which is funny, because Frank’s story was published at 11:15 this morning. Just an hour before on Twitter, the same Colorado GOP said:

Apparently that was the spin before it occurred to, well, everybody that you don’t reduce the ticket price in response to increased demand. We have to believe it would have been less embarrassing to simply curtain off part of the venue if you can’t fill it than offering a bad Vegas magic show discount to see the Vice President of the United States.

Mike Pence at half price! The insult to your intelligence is gratis.

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