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Maine City Manager Promotes Racial Segregation In His Town, ‘We Are Pro-White’

The town Manager of Jackman, Maine, Tom Kawczynski, believes that Islam is “the scourge of Western civilization.” He also wants the United States to be an ethnostate government, and would be better off if people of different races “voluntarily separate.”

These are the views expressed on the New Albion website, a group that Kawczynski started last year. The organization promotes “traditional Western values emphasizing the positive aspects of our European heritage” in northern New England and Maritime Canada.

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Kawczynski explained to Bangor Daily News that he wants to preserve the region’s white majority—and keep Muslims out. He also doesn’t think his views are racist. He even welcomes people of different races, just as long as their culture is “rooted in Western civilization.”

Kawczynski said, “We are pro-white without being anti-other groups in terms of their racial identity. But we … oppose the idea of bringing people in from the outside that come from different cultures.

“I would say unequivocally that I see Islam as fundamentally incompatible with Western civilization,” he added.

As Zachary Heiden, the legal director of Maine’s ACLU branch said, “Wow…That’s shockingly racist.”


Kawczynski claims that his views don’t interrupt his work as town manager. “I do not run [Jackman] in a way where we in any way discriminate against anyone who is there. And we follow all the guidelines. And we respect everyone that comes through,” he said.

But he went on to say that there is “natural overlay” between his hate group and the town’s needs. “It is something that I am trying to integrate in the sense that I’m trying to develop our community,” he said. “But I do not make that relationship explicit.”

Jackman’s elected officials would respond to Bangor Daily News, who ran the report.

The term “Albion” was what the ancient Greeks called “England.” Kawcyzksi might be surprised to learn that his name is from Poland—an Eastern European country.

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