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JUST IN: Trump Subpoenaed By Woman Accusing Him Of Sexual Misconduct

The president is not going to be able to escape accountability for the multitude of allegations of wrongdoing against him, including those of sexual misconduct. The president himself has given credence to these allegations, having been caught on tape dementedly bragging to entertainment journalist Billy Bush about the supposed freedom to commit sexual assault that his social standing grants him.

Summer Zervos, who appeared at one point on the president’s infamous reality television show called The Apprentice, has now demanded, through a subpoena filed by her lawyer, that the Trump campaign hand over any and all documents related to allegations against the president of sexual misconduct.

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The subpoena covers both Zervos’ allegations against the man who is now president and the allegations of other women as well.

As it reads, Zervos’ legal team wants “all documents concerning any accusations that were made during Donald J. Trump’s election campaign for president, that he subjected any woman to unwanted sexual touching and/or sexually inappropriate behavior.”

Zervos, who, as mentioned, appeared at one point on The Apprentice, accuses the president of “kissing and grabbing her” when she went to his place at the Beverly Hills Hotel in 2007 to inquire about getting a job with the Trump Organization following her appearance on his show.

The subpoena, which Zervos filed through her lawyers — a group including the prominent feminist advocate Gloria Allred — was filed earlier this year, but it only got entered in the court record last month, after Allred presented it as evidence that it was not, in fact, as inappropriately wide ranging as the Trump team suggested. The presently proceeding lawsuit — which the president’s team says is “politically motivated” — alleges defamation against Zervos on the part of the president, who publicly called her claims a “lie” late last year.


According to Allred, the president’s response to the motion is due October 31 — in just a couple of weeks.

In a statement published by BuzzFeed, she commented:

‘We are hopeful that the court will deny President Trump’s motion to dismiss, so that we may move forward with discovery and obtain relevant documents and testimony.’
The president has, unsurprisingly, long denied the allegations of sexual misconduct against him. These allegations first surfaced late last year after the aforementioned tapes featuring Trump’s comments to Billy Bush surfaced. Trump, of course, does not exactly have a solid relationship with the truth, frequently peddling outright lies to further his agenda, so it’s not as though anyone has any reason to believe his denials that he ever translated his words to Billy Bush into reality.

This new development in the ongoing sexual harassment and assault case against the president comes a short time after Hollywood icon Harvey Weinstein was finally outed as a serial sexual assaulter. The right has tried to make the case of the Democratically aligned Weinstein into an issue of the Democratic Party while simultaneously ignoring the fact that they put a man accused of the same crimes as Weinstein into the White House.

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