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JUST IN: Robert Mueller Pays Future Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions A Visit

Donald Trump can divide and distract the country all he wants, but this simple fact will stay true: Special Counsel Robert Mueller is coming for him.

Trump is scared, too. That’s why he’s tried to attack, demean, and undermine the investigation every step of the way.

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Mueller’s latest move should send a chill down Trump’s spine – he’s requesting a “broad array” of documents from Trump’s Department of Justice, according to ABC News. Why is that a big deal? Well, the most likely charge for Trump – and what started all of this – is obstruction of justice, primarily with the firing of James Comey. Trump sent two memos about firing Comey to people at the DOJ. Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General and head of the Department of Justice, and Rod Rosenstein, the deputy Attorney General.

Rosenstein is the one who made the decision to appoint a special counsel, so in a way the investigation is headed right back where it originally started. Here’s more from ABC:

‘Special CounselRobert Mueller‘s team investigating whether President Donald Trump sought to obstruct a federal inquiry into connections between his presidential campaign and Russian operatives has now directed the Justice Department to turn over a broad array of documents, ABC News has learned.


‘In particular, Mueller’s investigators are keen to obtain emails related to the firing of FBI Director James Comey and the earlier decision of Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from the entire matter, according to a source who has not seen the specific request but was told about it.

‘Issued within the past month, the directive marks the special counsel’s first records request to the Justice Department, and it means Mueller is now demanding documents from the department overseeing his investigation.

‘Mueller’s investigators now seek not only communications between Justice Department officials themselves, but also any communications with White House counterparts, the source said. Before this request, investigators asked former senior Justice Department officials for information from their time at the department, ABC News was told.’
With obstruction of justice, intent is everything. If Mueller can prove with a paper trail that Donald Trump fired James Comey specifically to stop or harm an investigation, he’s guilty. It’s an entirely different criminal situation than what was originally being investigated (collusion with Russia).

Notably, obstruction of justice is one of the things that brought Richard Nixon down.

The timeline for an obstruction charge against Trump is pretty convincing. He clearly fired James Comey specifically to stop an investigation into himself – and that’s a big no-no. In fact, the Brookings Institute was able to create a legal case in a paper that lacks much of the information Robert Mueller possesses. In an administration as incompetent as Trump’s, there’s almost certainly incredibly damning private communications that the public is as yet unaware of.

One thing’s for sure: As Mueller continues to draw closer in his investigation of Trump, the rhetoric from Republicans is only going to escalate. You can expect constant attacks on Mueller, investigations into Hillary, you name it – Trump’s not going down without a fight.

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