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John Kasich Just Threatened To Leave His Party Because Of What It’s Become Under Trump

Trump won the Republican primary by steamrolling over the establishment leaders of the party, revealing in the process how enthusiastically many Republican voters respond to xenophobia, racism, vulgarity, and bullying.

While all of the defeated contenders would certainly have implemented very troubling policies in their own right, there is no doubt even the worst of the bunch would have been an exponentially better president than our current incompetent leader.

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One of Trump’s vanquished former opponents, John Kasich (R) is the Governor of Ohio, and as such still maintains a fairly visible public profile on the national stage. He’s now making it clear he doesn’t approve of what the GOP has become under Trump.

“If the party can’t be fixed, Jake, then I’m not going to be able to support the party. Period. That’s the end of it,” Kasich said, going on to voice opposition to the fact that the Republican Party is increasingly anti-immigration anti-trade. Both policies are not only bad for America’s diplomatic relations, but also on a very fundamental level, they’re bad for the economy.

Kasich’s comments come in the wake of last week’s Alabama Republican primary, which saw avowed racist and homophobe Roy Moore securing the nomination over Trump-endorsed establishment favorite Luther Strange. Moore seems to be the latest pick in a growing wave of outright hatred and ignorance within the GOP. He’s an ignorant radical, with little respect for the rule of law or anyone who has a different religion or skin color.


The sad truth in all of this is that the Republican Party has always had a powerful, hateful, racist core, it just took Trump to finally unmask and harness it. Kasich, despite some of his flawed beliefs, is one of the few remaining good, moderate Republican leaders. It remains to be seen if he will follow through on his threat, but he deserves some credit for speaking out.

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