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Hillary, Marianne-Ségolène and The little girls.

Marianne-Ségolène Gindrey is my name, I am president of Onward Together France and coordinator of the youngs with Onward Together for Hillary Clinton.

I offer Little Women for Charlotte the Hillary’s granddaughter as film and as safety blanket “Harry Potter” to Aidan the Hillary’s grandson. Hedwige in Harry Potter represents the help by the little girls during all the saga.

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Little women is a film who shows a girls who fight against the war and the illness. Hillary is the help for all people and for Obama and fights against the violence, guns and war… even she pledges for the health for all peoples. Aidan and Charlotte become a little Hillary Clintons.

There isn’nt a toys for girls and toys for boys. Hillary travels around the world like Simone de Beauvoir in order to shows that a women have a proressist brain.

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