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Donald Trump, Jr. Just Tried To Call Out Jimmy Kimmel And It Blew Up In His Face

Donald Trump, Jr. took some time off from his busy schedule meeting with Russian operatives and lying about it to the media Saturday to insert himself into his father’s feud of the month.

President Trump launched a Twitter tirade this morning attacking late night television shows and demanding “Equal Time.” Jimmy Kimmel responded to the President’s tweets, offering him his show if he resigned the presidency.

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Don, Jr., as if on cue, jumped into the fray to bravely defend his father from Kimmel’s cyber bullying, and the whole thing immediately backfired:


Don Jr.’s initial tweet directed at Kimmel refers to sordid news that broke yesterday alleging that Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein had sexually harassed multiple women for decades and paid them off in exchange for their silence.

Weinstein is a prominent Democratic donor, and Republicans have been politicizing this story since the moment it broke to associate the allegations against him with the politicians who’ve benefitted from his largess, including and especially Hillary Clinton.

Unable to defend his father on the merits, he did what Trumps always do: Try to change the subject. Apparently it’s Harvey Weinstein’s turn to be the distraction the President and his enablers employ to take their minions’ eyes off his failing presidency.

Kimmel, however, got the last laugh, retweeting the most infamous offense against women by a presidential candidate in history:

Well played, Jimmy. Well played.

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