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Democrats Just Got Excellent News About The Alabama Election From Monitors On The Ground

Today, the United States has collectively turned its gaze on Alabama, anxiously awaiting the results of the Senate special election which pits Republican and accused pedophile Roy Moore against upstanding Democrat Doug Jones.

While many fear a repeat of the catastrophe that was the 2016 election, others are more optimistic and believe the Democrats could seize a Senate seat that they haven’t held since 1992. It would be a major victory and would give liberals one more, much-needed line of defense against Trump’s destructive legislation.

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Polls close in Alabama at 8 P.M. EST and the first exit poll results are expected sometime this afternoon. That said, early reports give reason for cautious optimism.

Joyce Alene, a University of Alabama Law Professor and former U.S. Attorney for Birmingham under the Obama Administration, tweeted out a report on turnout so far in a key precinct.

Alene says that an upper-middle-class precinct of Birmingham — a precinct where Doug Jones needs strong turnout to win — has seen upwards of 940 votes cast as early as 2:30 PM. In the 2016 presidential election, when turnout is almost always much higher than during mid-terms and special elections, the precinct in question only saw 1324 totals.

In other words, at this rate, the precinct might see a greater turnout than the 2016 election, which would be a much welcome surprise. Alene tweeted:


Hopefully, the numbers bear out and Roy Moore is buried in this election. If even half of the allegations against him are true he belongs in prison, not the U.S. Senate. Doug Jones is the best choice for the people of Alabama, and he will have the courage to stand up to our disastrous president.

The federal government already has one vile sexual predator in power in Donald Trump, it doesn’t need another in Roy Moore.

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