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DEAD: GOP Senators Collins, McCain Oppose, Effectively Kill Controversial Heath Care Bill

Graham-Cassidy Bill Now Short On Votes After McCain, Collins Signal Opposition



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Much like the other proposals Republicans have put together in their push to repeal and replace Obamacare, the Graham-Cassidy bill began on life support. And as more analysis and information comes out about the bill, Senators on the fence got closer and closer to pulling the plug. Maine Senator Susan Collins and Arizona Senator John McCain may have done just that today.

In an interview with the Portland Press Herald, the Republican from Maine stated she is “leaning against” the bill and for good reason. Collins stated the criticism of the bill in regard to pre-existing conditions is factual in her opinion.




“I’m just trying to do what I believe is the right thing for the people of Maine,” Collins said…

“I’m reading the fine print on Graham-Cassidy,” Collins said. She said insurers could charge sky-high rates to people with pre-existing conditions. “The premiums would be so high they would be unaffordable,”


Just hours later, the Associated Press Tweeted that John McCain would be opposing the bill as well, stating:

Republican Sen. John McCain announces opposition to health care bill, dashing hopes for GOP leaders.




Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky had already stated he would oppose the bill, drawing the early morning ire of Republican President Donald Trump. This leaves Republicans one vote short of the fifty they would need to have Vice President Mike Pence cast the tie-breaking vote.

John McCain put down the last Republican effort to repeal and replace Obamacare with one of the most talked-about thumbs down since the Roman Empire.

The vote would have come without a CBO score, which would have likely increased opposition to the incredibly unpopular effort. The CBO indicated it would not be able to score the bill until after the deadline Republicans had to pass the bill with just fifty votes.

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