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Chaos Erupts In White House As Trump Flips Out About His Own Secretary Of State (DETAILS)

At this point in time, there are several critical issues that Donald Trump should be focusing on – like the issue of gun violence after the recent Las Vegas shooting, or disaster relief for the several areas that were recently ravaged by hurricanes. Instead, Trump has been turning his back on the American people and obsessed with his own drama within the White House.


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Ever since NBC News reported that Trump’s Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, called him a “moron” and threatened to resign a few days ago, Trump has been throwing a fit on Twitter and in the White House. But the worst part about it is the real reason Trump is mad – petty as it may be, Trump is infuriated by all the press coverage Tillerson is getting over that report.

Apparently, Trump still thinks he’s on some sort of popularity-driven game show. According to a new report from Axios, “Trump’s relationship with Tillerson is broken beyond repair,” and currently, CIA director Mike Pompeo is being considered as a possible replacement for Tillerson. Axios’ reports that this was the last straw:




“After what Trump considered a strong trip to Vegas, he seethed when he got back and saw Tillerson’s gaffe dominating cable-news coverage. Everywhere he flipped, there was Tillerson’s face instead of his.”
We all know how much Trump likes to be the center of attention and truly resents any time he has to share the limelight, but this is just pathetic. Of all the things that Trump could be focusing on right now, he’s upset about not being on TV as much? Trump seriously needs to get a grip.



Unfortunately for the self-centered POTUS, Tillerson might not be going anywhere right away. Axios reports that “White House Chief of Staff John Kelly wants stability, and so is discouraging high-level departures before next year.”

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