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BREAKING: Trump Loses Yet Another White House Member

Another White House staff member has reportedly resigned.

James Schultz, who served as the White House ethics lawyer, has decided to call it quits and go back to his private practice at Cozen O’Connor, a Philadelphia-based law firm, Politico reported.

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He announced to the public:

“I was interested in continuing with private practice and saw this as a tremendous opportunity to go serve and get things up and running and the plan was to move on about this time.”
He added that people typically stay in these positions for a year to 18 months.

As Politico reports:

“Due to his salary, listed at $140,000 in a report submitted in June, Schultz is not covered by a law prohibiting former government employees from contacting their former agencies on behalf of others for one year. He said is subject to an ethics pledge the Trump administration required that imposes a five-year ban on becoming a registered lobbyist and a lifetime ban on being a foreign lobbyist.”
Anything related to ethics and Trump are polar opposites. It appears that Schultz got out while he could because using his law license on a corrupt president like Trump is a complete waste of time and energy, especially regarding emolument clauses. Trump is as unethical as it gets. For better lack of words, Trump believes that he’s above the law or just driving right through them if he can. No limits for Trump because he has never been watched closely. This simply demonstrates once again that the Trump administration have no ethics whatsoever, and Republicans tend to ignore it or makes excuses for it. In reality, the White House does not need anymore ethics lawyers – they need criminal lawyers.


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