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BREAKING: Trump Admits To Groping Melania’s Private Parts In Public In New Explosive Tapes

Donald Trump thinks his daughter looks down on him, that his germaphobia could be psychological, and admits that he’s groped Melania Trump in public before in new explosive tapes.
All these details and more are coming to light after a website called published an archive containing some 15 hours of Donald Trump’s appearances on the “Howard Stern Show” dating back to 1993.

In one exchange from November 2004, Stern asks Trump if Ivanka Trump was dating anyone, to which he replies she’s dating a blue blood from Bedminster, New Jersey.
Trump: “My daughter’s becoming a blue blood, she’s becoming very white shoe. That’s true.”

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Stern: “You [should] introduce her to me.”

Trump: “I think my daughter looks down on me. She said, ‘oh my god-‘”
Before that, in a tape recorded in November 1999, Trump admits to getting physical with his girlfriend at the time, Melania Trump, then known as Melania Knauss.

Stern: “Have you ever felt her up in public?”

Trump: “Yeah.”


Stern: “Yeah. As I know.”

Trump: “I’m very well-behaved actually and almost always I’m very down the middle.”
Then there’s Trump’s infamous germaphobic tendencies.
In 1993, Trump admitted his constant hand washing could be mental.

Stern: “You wash your hands how many times.”

Trump: “As many times as possible.”

Stern: “You realize that’s a psychological problem.”

Trump: “It could be a psychological problem.”

Trump: “No. I like it. I like cleanliness. Cleanliness is a nice thing. Not only hands, body, everything.”
So why are these old interviews making waves?

Stern had refused to re-air any of his past interviews with Trump during the presidential campaign because he felt it would be a “betrayal” since people are already attacking him, adding that his guests on the show were meant to be entertaining.

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