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BREAKING: Trump Administration Busted Releasing Fake Homeland Security Report

If there is one thing that has been made certain in only the first year of the Trump presidency, it is that the president’s tendency to exaggerate facts and dance around the truth is unprecedented. His use of broad, blanket statements on the 2016 campaign trail riled up emotions, striking concern and fear in the hearts of many who ended up voting for him.

Trump’s uncanny ability to stretch the truth, however, has gone far beyond the elections process, and has become a go-to tactic for his administration to influence votes from policymakers. Luckily, the same antics used to trick citizens doesn’t go over so easily with legislators, especially as many have become dedicated to halting his disruptive agenda.

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In the most recent example of his overt lies, the Trump administration used a report which they claimed was compiled in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), depicting what looked like a correlation between terrorism and immigration. The report was compiled and distributed to media outlets as a means of providing evidence and support for Trump’s efforts to ban Muslims from entering the country. The administration’s report referred to a supposed analysis conducted by the DHS, wherein the department found that nearly three quarters of individuals who were convicted on charges of terrorism were foreign-born.

However, as the report was circulated and analyzed by members of the media, it was quickly discovered that the statistics regarding immigrants and terror convictions in the United States not only were inaccurate, but are not even tracked by the DHS to begin with. According to The Daily Beast:


‘Career professional analysts at DHS communicated to the Justice Department that the data sought for the report simply did not exist within their department. DHS, multiple sources said, does not track or correlate international terrorism data by citizenship or country of origin, and have warned the Trump administration that doing so risks a misleading portrait of both terrorism and immigration.’


Nevertheless, in true Trump fashion, the report was compiled without legitimate data coming from the department, and was sent to DHS Secretary Kristjen M. Nielsen after the report had been completed, unjustly using her imprimatur to attain credibility for the documents.

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The report itself was headed and assembled by none other than Attorney General Jeff Sessions, another Trump official that has been infamous for stretching the truth. Sessions and his team failed to verify the statistics and data used in the report for the sake of accuracy, as various terrorism experts and analysts have claimed that the information outlined within is both misleading and manipulative.

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With Trump continuing to create controversy after controversy for himself, his administration, and the GOP party, it is clear that he will stop at nothing to push his discriminatory agenda, even if it means portraying fabricated data to trick the media and general public into agreeing with him. Perhaps instead of focusing so vehemently upon the ban of Muslim and other immigrants into the country, he should first be concerned with re-establishing a functioning and operating government as we enter the third day of the shutdown.

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