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BREAKING: Man Gets In Capitol Bldg, Runs At Trump, Throws Russian Flags

Americans have had enough of the Trump Administration’s incompetence. President Trump uses his incompetence and continued belligerent attacks on interests from across America as a distraction from the toxicity he is inflicting on the American political system. He pledged to uphold the Constitution upon taking office, but he has done anything but that, attacking the freedom of the press, along with other basic freedoms of American society.

On Tuesday, while Trump was arriving at a lunch with Senate Republicans to discuss the specifics of a tax reform plan, a protester ran up to the president, who was apparently walking with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, shouting that Trump has committed treason.

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He broke through a press line to make his declaration, throwing Russian flags out in front of him in the process.

D.C. reporter Steve Herman says that the president and other GOP leaders offered “No response to questions from reporters and someone who apparently threw Russian flags on the floor shouting @POTUS committed treason.”

This incident is not the first time that protesters have entered government buildings to make their voices heard. During debates over the Trump Administration’s health care proposal, which was estimated to stand to strip health care from tens of millions of Americans if passed, numerous protesters filled the halls of the Senate building.

Many of these protesters were arrested, but their efforts were, nonetheless, successful, with the GOP’s most drastic health care proposals kept from going into effect — for the time being at least. It’s not immediately clear what legal consequences the protester responsible for the Tuesday incident may face.


As this is a breaking news story, check back for updates.

For video of the incident, see below:

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that the protester had gotten into the White House.

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