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BREAKING: Exclusive Local News Video Proves John Kelly Lied About Frederica Wilson

While many on the right lose sight of the fact that the recent controversy over calls and contacts with gold star families began with an outrageous lie by President Trump, who defended his lack of response to military deaths in Niger by insisting that President Obama had a policy of not contacting the families of fallen soldiers – their manufactured outrage at Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) has certainly gained steam.

Gen. John Kelly spoke on Thursday in defense of Trump and included some truly scathing remarks denouncing Wilson’s “listening in” to a private call between fallen soldier Sgt. LaDavid Wilson and the president, a call meant to offer condolences and comfort. Wilson told reporters that the president callously remarked that Johnson “knew what he was getting into,” and Kelly insisted that she twisted his words (but seemed to affirm that was Trump’s words despite the president’s vehement denials) and that she exploited Johnson’s death for her own political gain.

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He also hit back against Wilson with a story from 2015, in which he insisted that the Democratic representative exploited the dedication of an FBI building with braggadocios claims about her success in “getting the money” for the building herself.

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‘I’ll end with this: In October — April, rather, of 2015, I was still on active duty, and I went to the dedication of the new FBI field office in Miami. And it was dedicated to two men who were killed in a firefight in Miami against drug traffickers in 1986…And a congresswoman stood up, and in the long tradition of empty barrels making the most noise, stood up there and all of that and talked about how she was instrumental in getting the funding for that building, and how she took care of her constituents because she got the money, and she just called up President Obama, and on that phone call he gave the money — the $20 million — to build the building. And she sat down, and we were stunned. Stunned that she had done it. Even for someone that is that empty a barrel, we were stunned.’
Wilson was quick to counter that claim by stating that Kelly characterizations of her speech were a bold-faced lie and that she had not been elected to Congress when that speech was made. The debate raged on, but an exclusive video from local news in Miami, Florida can now put that debate to rest.

For full video of the speech, in which at no point did Wilson brag about “getting the money” for the building, see below:


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