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BREAKING: Due To Trump’s Actions; North Korea Now Accuses US Of Declaring War

President Donald Trump has used his direct access via Twitter to anger North Korea to a point that they think the United States has actually declared war on them.


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Speaking at a United Nations General Assembly conference on Saturday, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho, reacted to several remarks and tweets made by Trump over the weekend:




Last weekend Trump claimed that our leadership wouldn’t be around much longer and declared a war on our country.

Since the United States declared war on our country, we will have every right to make all self-defensive counter measures, including the right to shoot down the United States strategic bombers at any time even when they are not yet inside the aerospace border of our country.

When asked for a statement on the remarks made by Ri, the Trump administration remained silent. Other remarks by Ri sent a clear message that the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is done playing patty-cakes with Trump and is ready to take definitive action against the U.S.

None other than Trump himself is on a suicide mission.

In case innocent lives of the US are harmed because of this suicide attack, Trump will be held totally responsible.

Our laws state that “war” can only be declared by Congress, but that doesn’t prohibit Trump from engaging in “conflicts” with foreign nations. The Korean “War” was a conflict. The Vietnam “War” was a conflict. The Afghanistan “War” was a conflict. The Gulf “War” was a conflict. Through the ages, America has engaged in “conflicts” against foreign nations on the orders of the sitting president.

With Trump’s seeming lack of the common sense granted a garden slug, we could be in for years of extended “conflict” simply because he can’t seem to control his thumbs while he’s constipated.


Trump continues his Twitter-barrage, lobbing nonsensical comments to escalate the matter even further. Here are just a few examples of the tweets that have escalated the situation:





Referring to Kim as “Rocket Man” has become Trump’s smug little way of demeaning the foreign leader. Much the same way he demeaned his political opponents during the primary and general elections last year, Trump has assigned what he thinks is a cute nickname and uses it over and over until he gets the desired response of “attention,” be it negative or positive.

Trump’s narcissistic personality requires him to be the center of attention. He doesn’t get enough attention doing positive things, so like an unruly child, he acts out and acts badly — because any attention is good attention even if it means starting a war with another nation. Further proof that our nation is in the inept hands of a middle school playground bully. Too bad the principal’s door is locked.

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