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A Black CNN Reporter Just Confronted Trump About The NFL Kneeling Protests

The president has returned to Twitter again and again in recent weeks to launch attacks and insults at black athletes for kneeling during the national anthem. Today, during a joint press conference with Senate Majority Mitch McConnel (R-KY), President Trump was confronted about his petty, ongoing feud with the NFL.

April Ryan, a black reporter for American Urban Radio Networks and CNN, sought to point out the truth: that the NFL protests are about police brutality towards people of color and nothing to do with disrespecting the military, as Trump keeps mendaciously insisting. The athletes who choose to kneel are exercising their First Amendment rights, and the president has no right to criticize them for it.

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Unwilling to let Trump’s lies gon unchallenged, April Ryan repeatedly brought up police shootings. She refused to be ignored and raised her voice, forcing Trump to answer. Rather than engaging with her points, Trump chose to sidestep the issue, pivoting to his anti-military talking points.

“Sir, what about police-involved shootings as it relates to the NFL? That is what the players are saying is the crux of why they’re taking a knee, sir. The police-involved shooting issue. What will you do about that?” Ryan asked, loud enough so that Trump was forced to answer.

“It is very disrespectful to our country when they take a knee during our national anthem,” Trump responded. Ryan then pressed the police issue, which prompted the president to launch into one of his rambling monologues.



Ryan should be commended for courageously standing up for the truth to a president deliberately engaged in misleading the American people. Our press has a responsibility to weed out misinformation, even if it’s coming from our elected leader. Ryan demonstrated brilliantly how journalism in the era of Trump must be approached.

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