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Baltimore Ravens Stand Together In A Sunday Move That Has Trump Stomping Mad

In the ongoing battle between the National Football League (NFL) and President Donald Trump over standing during the playing of the national anthem at football games, the Baltimore Ravens tried out a compromise solution that had some of their fans appeased and some of their fans fuming.

Season ticket-holding fans, Carrie and Steele Dillinger, were irate about the protests in general, but were satisfied with the compromise that the Ravens’ franchise came up with. From Carrie Dillinger:

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‘It wasn’t during the national anthem, so we didn’t have a problem with it.’
Prior to the game, Carrie Dillinger had said:

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‘I don’t know anyone who can go to work and protest. You can’t command respect on an issue when you’re drawing attention to it by disrespecting something else.’
The Baltimore Sun reports, clarifying the Dillinger’s objections:

‘The couple had been livid about players kneeling during the song in London last week, which set the tone for league-wide protests and prompted a week long public debate about the role of athletes, race, politics and patriotism in America’s most popular sport.’
Fan Randy Lynn, who “can’t fathom” how the legitimate protest of racial injustice has been taken over and morphed into a matter of disrespecting the flag, was more practical:

‘It’s not about the g—— d—— flag. It’s about killing black people.’
Lynn spent seven years in the Army, and he offered this solution to dissatisfied season ticket holders:


‘I say, “Look, give me your tickets.” It’s not against the flag. It’s against the injustice that the police are killing unarmed black people and getting away with it.’
In an interview with the Baltimore Sun near the M&T Bank Stadium, Karen Elder, related a story from her mother, who said she was not required to stand during the pledge of allegiance in school, because “black people like her didn’t receive all the benefits the pledge promised.”

‘When they say unity for all, and justice for all, it wasn’t really for all. It was for a smaller group of people.’
During the interview, “Elder said she’d be disappointed if the Ravens players did not kneel, or if they chose to lock arms instead.”

‘They’d be pressured to change their opinion. What’s the problem with a peaceful protest?

‘It’s almost like saying, “Stay in your place.”’
The Ravens’ compromise was met with mixed emotions from the fans. People are either going to love it or hate it, but it is what it is. Those that are determined to quit watching the NFL will quit whether future compromises are made or not. The true fans, who see the protests as a good way to bring about change, will hang tough and continue supporting their teams.

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