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Alec Baldwin Just OWNED Trump With A Hilarious Impersonation At A Major Political Event

Alec Baldwin — whose SNL impersonation of the Bloviator-in-Chief has famously out-Trumped Trump — brought his presidential parodying powers to bear at Iowa’s Democratic fundraiser last night.

He opened the event by mocking the president’s ignorance about the very nation he’s sworn to serve:

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Greetings, Iowa. What a great state — Iowa. I won Iowa — I won the state by fifty points. It would have been a hundred points, but Crooked Hillary and the DNC bused in millions of voters from out of state from cities like Cedar Rapids and Des Moines but that’s okay.

At the highly esteemed annual event where Barack Obama and John Kerry ignited their political careers, Baldwin himself sounded almost like a presidential candidate, according to NBC. He discussed policy matters, including health care, job creation and foreign policy and appeared to assume accountability for the Democratic Party as a whole, saying, “I only have myself to blame [for the outcome of the 2016 election]. We didn’t work hard enough. I make a promise to you: I am ready to fight to help the Democrats win.”

He also used his comedic skills to bring humor to the Trumpian issues currently sending every sane progressive into paroxysms of anxiety. Pretending to accept checks for the fraudulent Trump University, the well-known actor added that Scott Pruitt, the climate-denying head of the Environmental Protection Agency would be teaching a class on climate change and Attorney General Jeff Sessions wanted to teach a class, “He just can’t remember which one” — a reference to Sessions’ ostensible amnesia regarding his contacts with Russian agents during Trump’s campaign.

Baldwin then turned his attention to the question on everyone’s mind last night, Trump calling Senator Elizabeth Warren “Pocahantas” while he was supposed to be honoring Navajo WWII code talkers yesterday. “I’m sorry if I offended anyone. Especially Pocahontas, who’s of course a smoking hot cartoon character,” quipped Baldwin in character.


For all the laughter Baldwin elicited from his audience of 3,000, persistent challenges for Democrats are no laughing matter.

As ignorant, incompetent, bigoted, misogynist, greedy, and treasonous as Trump and his administration are, Democrats must overcome our habit of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, if we are to take this country back.

Due to partisan gerrymandering and voter suppression, governors’ seats, state legislatures, and all three branches of the federal government have Republican majorities. Another SNL alum, Senator Al Franken is under fire for sexual harassment, as is longtime congressman John Conyers. The president and his Alabama supporters suggest voting for credibly accused child molester, Republican Roy Moore, over the prosecutor of two Birmingham KKK bombers, Democrat Doug Jones.

Democrats have to treat 2018 like a presidential election and the 2020 presidential election (and census) like an all-out reclamation of our national values and aspirations.

But the laughs that talents like Baldwin offer along the way do make the hard road ahead more bearable.


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