Kellyanne Conway Explodes After CNN’s Dana Bash Jokingly Asks About Her Husband’s Anti-Trump Tweets

Presidential counselor and former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway took offense to CNN’s Dana Bash on Sunday, after the television anchor asked Conway about her husband’s

Trump Skips Barbara Bush’s Funeral To Golf, Tweets As Melania Is Seated Next To Obama

President Donald Trump will skip the funeral of former first lady Barbara Bush, watching the proceedings from his Palm Beach mansion instead. “Heading to the Southern


Amway Coaches Poll: Georgia, Ohio State move up to No. 2 and No. 3 behind Alabama

A weekend filled with high-profile matchups produced plenty of changes in the Amway Coaches Poll, though once again, the top-ranked team is as it has

Amway Coach’s Call of the Week: Cast your vote

Coaches make dozens of decisions in every game. Most of them aren't that noticeable. Some of them very much are. Some calls can change a game.